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About Beechwood Cancer Care Centre


Beechwood Cancer Care Centre is a registered charity based in Stockport.  It was established in 1990 as a day care centre to help and support patients, carers and family members who are affected by cancer and other life limiting illness. Beechwood Cancer Care Centre is here to support people with the shock of diagnosis and throughout their journey.  We are here to help by offering patient programmes, one to one counselling, complementary therapies and support groups and have become one of the largest independent charities in the area.

  • We are here for everyone free of charge at point of need.

  • We are here to help carers cope with the stress and upset of a loved one with cancer or life limiting illness.

  • We are here to help children come to terms with the illness and possible loss of a parent or family member.

  • We are here to help when people are ready to move on and are able to return to work.

  • We are here to help with bereavement offering support if loved ones have passed away.

  • We are here to help, support and provide information at the Macmillan Information Centre which we host at the Centre.  Please drop in at any time.

  • We need your help and donations to continue our work and need £2,500 per day just to keep the Centre running. Can you help us raise this?

  • We rely on Volunteers to support our Team and to help us run the Centre.  Can you commit some time?

  • We have 5 Charity Shops (who always need Volunteers).  We welcome your support at our Charity Shops and welcome your donated items.






About Us

Beechwood is committed to providing quality support and care services for cancer patients and those with life limiting illness and their families.

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Beechwood Cancer Care Centre
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