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Beechwood Stories

Cassie Shuttleworth

Cassie ShuttleworthHi, I’m Cassie. I was diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer in December 2016 at age 32, it was just a year after having my dream wedding and we were in the middle of renovating our dream home. I knew our vows would be tested at some point but wasn’t expecting that to be so soon!

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Laura Featonby

Laura FeatonbyI’m Laura and I have two beautiful daughters Darcy 15 ... and Konnie 13. Our family is completed with our gorgeous dog Harlow. I became aware of Beechwood in 2014 when the girls needed support following the death of their dad. I felt that I was really struggling but Beechwood helped me find the words to talk with the girls and help support them when they needed me.

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Julie Gill

Julie GillHi, I'm Julie. I'm married to Chris and we have two beautiful daughters, Jenny and Amy and three gorgeous grandchildren, Ben, Amy and Megan. Little did I know back in September 2016 on one of the happiest and proudest days of my life celebrating the wedding of our daughter Amy and husband Joe in Portugal, that three months later I would be diagnosed with cervical cancer.

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Hannah Worsley

Hannah WorsleyI will never forget that day in July 2014 when I took the call in an open office and I heard the words Hodgkin’s disease. “Your life is going to change substantially and you will require a lot of chemotherapy and won’t be able to work, but it is curable!”

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Juliette Hardy-Wilson

Juliette Hardy-WilsonI was diagnosed with breast cancer on 1 August 2016, aged 48. I wasn’t yet old enough for mammograms and had found the lump as I regularly checked my breasts. Breast cancer wasn’t in the family, I was exercising regularly and I had a healthy diet (I even had a cookery book ‘Foods to Prevent Cancer’). So I was angry and scared. How would I tell my husband and daughter?

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Julie Brammar

Julie BrammarMy name is Julie. I am married to Robin and have 2 grown up sons, 3 stepchildren and 4 step grandchildren. In 1983 when aged 20 I woke one morning to find I couldn't see out of my left eye. Tests revealed that I had a large tumour in the eye. The only option was removal of the eye.

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Beverley Uddin-Khandakar

Beverley Uddin-KhandakarMy nightmare started the day after Boxing Day 2007, when I felt a tiny, hard lump on one of my breasts. The doctor referred me immediately to The Nightingale Centre, where I was seen on New Year’s Eve.

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Kirsty Cooke

Kirsty CookeHi my name is Kirsty and I’m 33 years old and I live with my husband Scott, son Finlay and Alfie the Dog! Whilst at the gym in 2009 I found a lump in my breast, I had no clue that at just 27 it would be Breast Cancer.

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Gary Rafferty

Gary RaffertyHi My name is Gary Rafferty, I am 45 and live in Chorlton with my son Harrison who is 9. My wife Kirstie died in September 2015 at the age of just 43 from cancer.

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Elaine Shaw

Elaine ShawHello, my name is Elaine Shaw; I live with my partner and have two fantastic children. Emma is 29 and now a Lawyer and James is 20 and at University.

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Sophia Lucop-Leech

Sophia Lucop-LeechMy name is Sophia Lucop-Leech, I’m 43 and I live in Didsbury with my daughter Ava who is 10. My husband Mark died in 2013 aged just 43.

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Julie Brady

Julie BradyMy name is Julie Brady I’m 54 and a very proud mum of two boys, Daniel 28 and Matthew 26. At Christmas 2003 I found a painful lump in my breast. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had the lump removed on the 14th January 2004.

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Stuart Marsden

Stuart MarsdenHi, my name is Stuart and I am 44 years old. My son Charlie is 4. In 1998 I underwent a successful kidney transplant after four years of dialysis.

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Audrey Bevins

Audrey BevinsHi I’m Audrey Bevins, I am 44 years old. I have been married to William for 10 years and we have a daughter named Carmen-Rose who has just turned 5.

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Carolann Bruce

Carolann BruceMy name is Carolann Bruce I am 45 years old and I am blessed with the most amazing family my partner Jed, my mother Ann, daughter Jenna, son Ryan, grandchildren Haydn and Madison and best friend Kimberley

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Julie Sheridan

Julie SheridanMy name is Julie Sheridan and I am married to my husband Dave and we have a gorgeous 5 year old son called Jack. Due to family history I have been having mammograms since 2007.

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Ann Emerson

Ann EmersonHi, my name is Ann Emerson and I am 54 years old. I have two beautiful daughters, Roseanna aged 22 and Charlotte aged 20. I also have a wonderful partner, Ian, who I have been with for 6 years.

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Gill Caldwell

Gill CaldwellMy name is Gill Caldwell and I am 44, I have been married to my husband Nick for over 23 years. I have two lovely sons Jack 19, Will 15 and a beautiful daughter Grace who is 8. I am a trained hair stylist, but my main role now is a full time carer for my daughter Grace who is severely disabled.

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Jason Duncan

Jason DuncanMy name is Jason Duncan, I‘m 32 and dad of two boys Oliver 6 and Joshua 5. I met my wife Gemma in Ibiza, in 2004, we’ve been together ever since. During 2012 I suffered with a few cases of kidney stones.

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Rachel Crowther

Rachel CrowtherHi, my name is Rachel Crowther and I’m 35 years old. I live with my partner Rick and my daughter Jayde. In 2012 I visited my GP at the beginning of the year and asked to be referred for squint surgery to my right eye.

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Shirley Cocking

Shirley CockingHi, my name is Shirley and I am 56 years. I have three children, Diana 30, Wendy 26 and Allan 24. I have 2 grandchildren, Hallie May 6, Eden Rose 3 months old and a third grandchild due in August. Until October 2012 I was working as an accounts manager for a great company called Begbies Traynor in Manchester. I am now working as a carer for my son Allan.

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Aneela Saleem

Aneela SaleemHi, my name is Anneela Saleem and I am aged 42 years old.  I have two lovely boys Omar aged four and Jamal aged six.  I met my partner David in January 2012 after being on my own for 3 years.  We are both GPs.  We really hit it off and the boys took to him straightaway.

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Carol Malpas

Carol MalpasHi, my name is Carol Malpas.  I married my lovely husband, Joe, on his 25th birthday in 1974.  Throughout the years we had our ups and downs, as all couples do, but we happily raised three wonderful children who have brought us great joy, extra special partners and four beautiful grandchildren.

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Gemma Borgert

Gemma BorgertHi, I’m Gemma age 33.  It was in February 2012 that I noticed lumps in my groin. Naturally, I assumed that it was linked to some kind of infection and I wasn’t too worried. However, they continued growing and I had a range of tests and an unexpected operation to remove a lymph node.

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Linda Wagstaff

Linda WagstaffHi my name is Linda Wagstaff - I am 63 years old and a retired Payroll Consultant.  I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in February 2009; I woke up one Sunday morning and discovered a very noticeable lump in my right breast. 

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Chris Wilkinson

Chris WilkinsonAfter the treatment I received in the hands of the excellent staff at Beechwood during my chemotherapy, I felt duty bound to see if I could raise much needed funds to help out.

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