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Audrey Bevins

Audrey_Bevins.JPGHi I’m Audrey Bevins, I am 44 years old.  I have been married to William for 10 years, and we have a daughter named Carmen-Rose who has just turned 5.

My cancer journey started in June 2014 when I noticed a lump in my right breast. I had noticed this lump a few months earlier when I was pregnant with our 2nd child I had put the lump down to changes in my body. However after 10 weeks I suffered a miscarriage, which left us devastated.

I eventually went to my GP about the lump and she referred me for scans at Stepping Hill Hospital. It was there that I was told I had cancer and that it had already spread to my Lymph Nodes.

Treatment started not long after, which included 6 sessions of Chemotherapy, at The Christie. It was while I was at The Christie that I heard about Beechwood. On arrival at the centre I found the staff and volunteers welcoming and the well stocked gift shop at the front which is hard to pass without making a purchase.

I had a course of reflexology treatments, which can only be described as completely relaxing.  also had 1-1 counselling which was very beneficial, it was good to off load my worries and my fears to someone who understood, my counsellor reassured me that what I was feeling was normal.

On New Year’s Eve I had my Mastectomy, and I am due to start a 3 week Radiotherapy course in conjunction with my Herceptin injections which will continue for the next 6 months.

Without the support of the staff and volunteers at the Beechwood Centre my cancer journey would have been a lot harder.

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