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Carolann Bruce 

Carolann_Bruce.jpgMy name is Carolann Bruce I am 45 years old and I am blessed with the most amazing family my partner Jed, my mother Ann, daughter Jenna, son Ryan, grandchildren Haydn and Madison and best friend Kimberley. As well as running a performing arts school 'Debut Academy' I also work as a nurse.

On checking my breast I found a small lump. I went to my GP who sent me to Stepping Hill for further tests. I decided to see a breast specialist from the Alex to speed things up. My Mammogram came back negative and I was told the lump was 80% nothing to worry about. I told him that I wasn't happy with 80% and I needed a scan. I had a scan and biopsy  it showed I had an aggressive breast cancer and after an apology from my consultant for being wrong, my cancer journey began.

I was admitted to Leighton hospital in Crew to have my mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

I was very poorly during my chemo and became very low towards the end of treatment. I was advised to go to Beechwood for support but I felt this wasn't for me at the time. How wrong was I! I finally went along to Beechwood and at last everything made sense. I cried, laughed, talked, ate and drank with the most amazing people I have ever met. Beechwood has been my saviour and is the only place which has and always will be there for me. My the hospital support, breast nurses, consultants, oncologist those you depend on all discharge you eventually. Beechwood is like family always there when you need it and there for life.

My 6 year old granddaughter says I’m her hero,I may be a hero in Madison's eyes  but the real hero's in my opinion are the wonderful staff and volunteers who make up the team at Beechwood and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for picking me up and making me laugh again. 

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