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Jason Duncan



My name is Jason Duncan, I‘m 32 and dad of two boys Oliver 6 and Joshua 5. I met my wife Gemma in Ibiza, in 2004, we’ve been together ever since.  During 2012 I suffered with a few cases of kidney stones.  I would be doubled over in pain.  The hospital kept telling me it was kidney stones but by the end of 2012 the pain got so bad I couldn’t lie on my right side or on my back.  During a follow up appointment to discuss the results of my scans the doctor came into the room and had a very worried look on his face.  He informed me that he had found a mass the size of an orange and that he was referring me onto Christies for further tests.  My wife hadn’t come to this appointment because she couldn’t get the time off work and we thought that it wasn’t anything serious just kidney stones trying to pass. I was told whilst on my own and felt very scared but I chose to keep it from my wife over the Christmas period as I didn’t want to ruin her and the children’s Christmas I didn’t want to upset them unnecessarily and then it turn out to be nothing.   

After Christmas my wife got suspicious and asked me what was going on.  I felt it was the right time to tell her.  She couldn’t believe it and didn’t speak for a while, afterwards she kept crying.  I told her not to worry as we didn’t know for definite it was cancer.

In January 2013 I was diagnosed with Ewings Soft Tissue Sarcoma, a rare form of Cancer usually only found in adolescent people. 

I have had a year of treatment.  Having chemotherapy for 4 months followed by an operation to remove the tumour, removing a piece of my chest wall and a rib and then further chemo to get rid of any cells.  I have also had a course of radiotherapy. It’s been very hard going.   

Beechwood has been really good for me to get out of the house and meet people in similar situations. Everyone there has taken my mind off the fact that I have cancer so I have something to look forward to every week. The charity is such a worthy cause as they give so much support to people like myself.

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