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Kirsty Cooke

Hi my name is Kirsty and I’m 33 years old and I live with my husband Scott, son Finlay and Alfie the Kirsty_Scott_and_Finlay__Cooke.jpegDog!

Whilst at the gym in 2009 I found a lump in my breast, I had no clue that at just 27 it would be Breast Cancer. What followed was a whirlwind of appointments, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Although it was an incredibly tough ride, at the end of treatment I felt I'd faced and won a battle and was ready to get back to normality.

However, a recurrence just 6 months later was a very tough pill to swallow. I had a double mastectomy and immediate reconstruction to reduce any further risk of breast cancer returning, followed by further chemotherapy. In 2013 I married Scott, my partner of 14 years and what an amazingly happy day we had with everyone we loved around us.

Everything came crashing down in August 2014 when after a delayed diagnosis, I was told that the cancer had returned for a third time, only this time it had now spread to my bones, lungs and liver.

One of the nurses mentioned Beechwood and it’s services. In my head though, I immediately made up my mind what Beechwood would be like and that it wasn’t for me, but smiled and took a leaflet anyway.

Once things had settled, I quickly realised I needed some help. I knew we would need to tell Finlay but before that, I needed to feel mentally strong enough to be able to help him. I contacted Beechwood and after speaking to one of their therapists, booked onto an 8 week programme which I really enjoyed. Having the opportunity to speak honestly and emotionally without the worry of upsetting anyone was a welcome relief. During the group time, I enjoyed having a chat and a laugh about everyday things.

I met one of the family team and gave her details of my illness. Everything was at my own pace. We would discuss how best to sit Finlay down and speak to him about my diagnosis and changes he might notice. It wasn’t long before he started sessions with the Family Therapist and was happy for me not to be in there with them as he felt comfortable and happy there. Finlay’s teacher also attended a course with the Family Team to better support him at school.

As my health deteriorates, we will continue to seek help and support from Beechwood and Scott and Finlay will find their services invaluable during their toughest times. The support they provide is priceless thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers.

Sadly Kirsty has lost her battler with cancer.  Kirsty was a true ambassador for Beechwood sharing here story to raise both awareness and funds and will be greatly missed.  Our love and thoughts go to her husband Scott, son Finn and all her family and friends.

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