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Bereavement Support

We offer a service that includes a series of one to one sessions and complementary therapies. There is also a Bereavement Support Group that meet fortnightly, one meeting in the evening and one in an afternoon.
The loss of a loved one can be one of the most devastating events any of us has to cope with. It's a time when help and support are vital, as those experiencing bereavement often feel isolated, alone and that there is no-one else who fully understands what they are going through.
At Beechwood we provide Bereavement Support that includes one-to-one sessions and complementary therapy, to allow time and opportunity for people to explore their feelings in a safe and supportive environment.
We also offer a service which allows access to a Bereavement Support Group, which can help reduce feelings of isolation. The knowledge that every member of the group shares the same confusion and conflicting emotions can become a powerful binding force and provide real support at this painful time.

Our aims...

Beechwood aims to provide timely Bereavement Support to all those who have been involved in the life of someone with cancer.


  • The service I received from Beechwood has helped me to move on after the death of my husband and I continue to attend the Bereavement Group which I am also finding very helpful. I was able to talk openly to the nurse about any aspect of how I was feeling and she helped me to work through them

    Bereavement Support Patient

Here to help...

If you would like to talk to someone about our services or require any information, please contact our Bereavement Counsellor at Beechwood at enquiries@beechwoodcancercare.co.uk or call on 0161 476 0384.

About Us

Beechwood is committed to providing quality support and care services for cancer patients and those with life limiting illness and their families.

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