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Carers Programme


The role of Carer can have a deep emotional impact on individuals.There is a need for support within a safe environment and an opportunity to acknowledge, express and explore deeper feelings helping to relieve stress and assist living positively.  
Carers will be supported to identify their needs and develop strategies to meet those needs.  
Carers are initially offered a series of 6 one to one sessions.There is also the possiblity to explore complementary therapies to promote relaxation and assist coping. 
Carers can also access a monthly “Drop In” on a Tuesday Evening, this is an opportunity to meet others in similar situations, to provide mutual support and develop new friendships.         
  • My nurse/therapist was excellent. She listened to all I had to say. She was very understanding and made me feel calm. After the session I felt a lot better. My therapy was great. I felt warm and relaxed. I closed my eyes and saw colours. The therapist's were brilliant and I came out feeling a lot better. Both the nurse and the complementary therapist were excellent. The course has been very beneficial. I could talk about anything and come out feeling positive


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Beechwood is committed to providing quality support and care services for cancer patients and those with life limiting illness and their families.

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