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Our Legal Panel

A diagnosis of cancer can impact on all aspects of a cancer patient’s life and also on their friends and family. This can create further stress and anxiety at a time that is already emotionally exhausting.

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Gorvins, JMW and O'Neill Patient Lawyers understand this and have joined together to form the Beechwood Legal Panel to offer you a high quality of legal services appropriate for you and your family at this difficult time.
The Legal Panel can  provide you with a full range of legal services as part of the Beechwood approach to helping those who have been affected by cancer or any other life limiting illness.
We have experts in:-


Employment Law 

Gorvins Solicitors are proud to provide Beechwood Cancer Care Centre patients and their families with help, advice and support through one of the most difficult times in their lives. David Walton leads Gorvins' employment support service at Beechwood.  David is an expert employment lawyer who specialises in helping those living and working with cancer to resolve any work-related isses they may be having.  
Gorvins appreciate not only that employment law can appear incredibly complex to anyone not used to it, but also that employers commonly do not know how to deal with the impact of a cancer diagnosis on one of their staff.  Gorvins will therefore help you understand your rights in the workplace and seek to ensure that your employer treats you fairly and properly.

Free Employment Law Surgery

Gorvins' free employment law surgeries, manned by David Walton, give you the opportunity to discuss in person any work-related situations you are facing.  When you meet with David, he will listen to your side of the story and advise you on the best course of action to take.  Feel free to just drop in and see David during one of the surgery times, or make an appointment in advance at reception.
Every other Tuesday, 10am-12pm at 
Beechwood Cancer Care Centre
Contact: David Walton, Gorvins Partner 
T: 0161 930 5117

Clinical Neglicence

Thankfully medical treatment in the United Kingdom is generally of a very high standard and medical accidents are rare. However, if you suffered a delay in diagnosing and treating your cancer or if it was initially misdiagnosed, JMW may be able to assist you in obtaining answers. JMW specialise in cases relating to poor cancer care and can help those affected to challenge the mistakes that were made.

Contact: Angharad Hughes, JMW Partner
T: 0161 828 1870

Occupational and Industrial Cancers

A vairety of cancers can be caused by long-term exposure to dust or chemicals at work.  If you believe this could apply to you then it is important that you get medical advice immediately.  Your doctor is likely to be able to comment whether or not your illness may be related to your occupation.  JMW's industrial disease team is experienced in advising these cases and will happily hvae a brief discussion to confirm whether or not your work environment is likely to have contributed to your subsequent illness.  
Contact: Andrew Lilley, JMW Partner
T: 0161 828 1958

Residential Conveyancing

JMW's team of residential conveyancing solicitors ensure buying or selling a house is as hassle-free process as possible.  With such a high value transaction, it's in your interest to appoint a solicitor as early as possible.  JMW are pleased to offer all friends and family of Beechwood a 10% discount on our normal fees.
Contact: Andrew Garvie, JMW Partner
T: 0161 828 1964

Wills, Trusts and Probate Advice and Power of Attorney

O'Neill Patient solicitors offer a wealth of experience when it comes to providing advice on making a Will or Power of Attorney.  We are able to provide advice and guidance with genuine empathy, as we are able to discuss such issues based on personal as well as professional experience.
Making a Will is a positive step that can make things so much easier for those you leave behind. Not only does a Will remove any doubt about how you wish your estate to be distributed, but it also confirms who will look after your affairs and who will care for your children, if you have any.  We can help to make the preparation of your Will a straightforward process to give you and your family peace of mind.
In addition, if you wish, we can help you to prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney to give you a trusted family member or friend the ability to manager your affairs during your lifetime should you not be well enough to do so.  This can include not only managing your property and finances, but also making decisions with regard to your health and welfare.  
Contact: Jane Parker Or Edith Longden
T: 0844 576 2080

Legal Advice Sessions

We offer several legal advice sessions throughout the year at Beechwood where all the solicitors are present to offer free initial advice.  

Please contact Beechwood at enquiries@beechwoodcancercare.co.uk / 0161 476 0384 for further information.

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Beechwood is committed to providing quality support and care services for cancer patients and those with life limiting illness and their families.

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