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Beechwood Cancer Care Centre is here to support people with every aspect of their cancer journey.


Beechwood is here to help with the shock of diagnosis, not just for the person with cancer and other life limiting illness but for all the family.
We are here to help by offering support and advice.
We are here to help when people are ready to move on when they are well and ready to return to work.
We are here to help carers cope with the stress and upset of a loved one with cancer or life limiting illness.
We are here to help children come to terms with the illness and loss of a parent or family member.
We are here to help with bereavement offering support when loved ones have passed away.
We are here for everyone free of charge at point of need.
We need your help to continue our work.
We need £4000 per day just to keep the Centre running.

We need people like you to support our events and spread the word about Beechwood.


Sponsored Events 

We hold several sponsored events from a team in the Great Manchester Run to a gentle walk. If you want to Zip Wire or swim with sharks we can help, look at the events page to see what we have running at the moment. We provide all forms and you can register with Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving.



IMG_3130.JPGWhy not attend our events. We hold many events throughout the year. Large events like the Butterfly Fashion Show at The Mere, our corporate Golf day and The Butterfly Ball, great networking and party events. We also have smaller events both at the Centre and in the community. Maybe you would like to hold an event for us, if so we can offer you advice on venues and help with tickets, posters and advertising. To attend one of our many events see the Events Calendar.

Collection Tins


Do you have a shop, pub or business that can take one of our Collection Boxes?  

They can be collecting_tins.jpgdelivered and collected from your place of work as often as you need by one of our designated drivers.  All boxes are labelled and sealed and you would be surprised how quickly the money adds up.  We also provide a certificate for you to show your customers what you have raised.

 Collection Houses

collection_houses.jpgOur small Collection Houses are ideal for your own home. 

Simply put any loose change into the box and when it’s full bring it back and we will empty it for you.  It’s a great way to encourage children to get involved with fundraising and a great way to lighten your purse and wallet.  


The Weather Lottery

twl175.gifWhy not join the Weather Lottery and win up to £25,000!  It is so Lottery_2.jpgeasy to do, just click here for further details.


The Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club is a way to support Beechwood by regular giving. By becoming a member of Butterfly_Club.JPGThe Butterfly Club you are helping secure the future of Beechwood.

Regular donations are a great source of income for Beechwood and it enables us to plan financially and provide continued care to our patients and their families.  You can pay as little as £2 per month or as much as you like.  The average donation is £5 per month.  This regular giving allows us to plan future services

As a member of The Butterfly Club you will receive a regular Newsletter and advance information about special events that Beechwood are holding, you will also receive a Butterfly Badge and Certificate. Click on the link to join.                                                                     Wills-page-001.jpg




About Us

Beechwood is committed to providing quality support and care services for cancer patients and those with life limiting illness and their families.

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Beechwood Cancer Care Centre
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